Hi Sonna, New Zealanders have the opportunity to sit UCAT in year 13 and then re-sit UCAT in the first year of their university degree. I am going to apply for Bachelor of Health Science and Auckland Uni (fingers crossed I get in lol). Every few months, we have a progress test, with questions based on clinical scenarios, and what to do in each patient case. I got the electronic one (quite expensive but totally worth it because apparently you can hear real quite heart murmurs (which are sounds that denote leaky valves!))! There is a limit to the number of times New Zealanders can apply to medicine. It gives us exposure to being around the little-est patients we’ll see as doctors, especially those who didn’t have younger siblings (like me!). Loved reading this blog! Getting into medical schools in other places is typically less difficult and there are more spots. Don’t worry – there is MORE than enough time in the semester to study and learn, while going to classes taught by your top-notch lecturers. However in New Zealand you have to sit a foundation year course first which is usually open to the top 10 to 15 percent of high school leavers. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. The modules I am studying (procrastinating) right now! Performance generally increases on re-sits. There’s lots of flexibility! Often found running to my lectures (even though I live 5 mins away), watching medical TV shows, burning everything in the kitchen, and doing lots of regular studying (read: procrastinating). 2. Save This Event. Basically they’re all still related to Medicine but with a history, ethics, art, classics twist! We don’t have exams – We just have a couple of tests every 4-6 weeks! Did you do NCEA or Cambridge btw? So, make sure you know what you're getting into before you hit that apply button! Unlike lectures where all ~280 of us squeeze into one lecture theatre, we are broken up into small groups to learn the clinical and practical skills relevant to each module. But wanting to attend medical school is just the first step. So as you can see, the medical course is made up of lots of little bits and pieces which all come together to give us a comprehensive understanding of what we learn and lots of opportunities to learn and re-learn! Latin America. Most exciting are our Human Anatomy Labs where we learn from cadavers which have been donated for our learning. Hi, I am currently on my last year of becoming a registered nurse at manukau institute of technology and I have realised I want to learn more and become doctor! I can’t wait to open my stethoscope too! If you dream of wearing a white doctor’s coat, medical school may be the path to take. Thanks Sonna, for chronicling your journey, this is really helpful. It would be amazing if you could reply! Hi! Related. There is a limit to the number of times New Zealande It helps us to see our progress over the years of medical school and checks that we’re doctor-ready when we finish! The structure of courses and how they are delivered vary from school to school. Any student can sit UCAT if they are in their final year of secondary schooling or above, and this includes year 13 students. Traditionally, students will start applying to medical schools during their junior year of college. Because my parents are convinced that I must study and not allowing me to go on a holiday It’s really helpful. This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. At Otago University, you can apply to medicine only once if you are applying in the alternative category. Join us at this free event, to learn more about getting into medical school! Your Email Basically they’re all still related to Medicine but with a history, ethics, art, classics twist! Did you do biomed or health science? They are usually taught by lecturers unrelated to the Medical School, so it’s quite a … Most of the time we practice on each other, but sometimes actors come in to help us out (as we usually just end up laughing too much when doing them on each other haha!). I am a Freshman in a private liberal arts school. You visit your little baby with your partner every few months over the next two years, collecting some information about it’s milestones and development for a study. Both the University of Auckland and Otago have restrictions on how many times you can apply to the medical program. In groups of ~10 medical students, we basically sit in a circle (group therapy vibes? I’m so excited about med school! ), that we’ve developed over the years. If you are based in New Zealand and you only need a chest x-ray you must visit an Immigration New Zealand Panel Medical Clinic, where they will: create a case for you, and; refer you to a Panel Radiology Clinic to get the chest x-ray.