Brian Mills is living the life of being retired… ... “Taken 3” is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). Become a fan on Facebook Follow on Twitter. Jeremy reviews "Taken 3"! Movie Review. The third and final installment of Liam Neeson‘s Taken, is a film completely dependent on the action star’s charm and charisma. Read full review. Bryan Mills, played by Liam Neeson, is back, as the ever loveable and ass kicking CIA agent. Taken 3 Review. Amy Nicholson Jan 13, 2015. To my Russian friends, yes they have too many bad guys as Russians in Hollywood movies. Taken 3 (Review) Right off the bat this reviewer needs to warn that this will be more “inside baseball” than usual. ‘Taken 3’: movie review ... Area theaters. There is nothing wrong with Neeson’s performance, but there is a problem with the whole film The film takes place a few years after Taken 2. Dove Review “Taken 3” features an action-packed plot line and, considering this is the third film in the series, a pretty interesting story and mystery to solve. Taken a Break: Megaton’s Slurpy Finish Brings Euro Schlock to L.A. Liam Neeson in “Taken 3,” the latest in this franchise. 50. Taken 3 Review. Taken 3 isn't brilliant, but it's a hell of a lot of dumb, head-smacking fun. Taken 3 Review. While I think the franchise is officially over and maybe overstayed its welcome, I still had some fun with this film in the theater. Former special agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) has a special set of skills. At least, Mills is … A man finds a woman dead in his bed. Taken 3 Rating & Content Info Why is Taken 3 rated PG-13? He wanted to protect his daughter from the bad guys. It should surprise no one that Taken 3 is a laughable, sometimes downright embarrassing mess of stapled together derivatives, narrative clichés, and the kind of god-awful dialogue that makes one wonder if screenwriters Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen even know what real life human beings sound like. Cast: Liam Neeson as … Rating: 3 out of 10. Taken 3 ... Taken 3 (2015) Positive —The main character was a family man. He is confronted by police with their guns drawn. Another Avenging Rampage. Taken 3 Review. If for nothing else, 'Taken 3' is a study of how terrible action movies have become and that some aging operatives should perhaps stay retired before breaking a hip. I will find you, and I will watch you. The first Taken film drew comparisons to the TV series 24, right BEGIN SLIDESHOW. Taken 3 scores over its predecessor on almost every level: the stakes are higher, the LA locations are nicely photographed and, best of all, there’s an actual plot, with twists and everything. Can’t Take It Anymore Release Date: January 9, 2015. My wife and I liked the movie. Taken 3's massive fault is in the action. Movie Review. The followup, directed by Olivier Megaton, saw Mills' ex-wife "taken" as revenge for his brutal actions in the first film and nearly stretched the core concept to the breaking point (read our Taken 2 review). Megaton fails his leading man by pummeling us with angles. Well, Liam Neeson is a bad ass and baddies gotta get their beat down. By Robbie Collin 09 January 2015 • 10:52 am . February 5, 2015 ~ danielfreeman92. ON January 9, 2015. Film Review: ‘Taken 3’ The third and presumably final installment of the Liam Neeson action franchise is a mind-numbing, crash-bang misfire. Yet, the film falls and rises on various occasion with inconsistent outbursts from other departments. By Edward Douglas . This is essentially The Fugitive, with a pursued protagonist who has to prove to the determined cop in charge that he did not kill his wife. Kinda par for the course for a Liam Neeson movie. Comments 0. Taken 3 director Olivier Megaton does not. Taken 3 Review. Times of India brings you the Critics Review and Ratings of Hollywood Movie Movie Taken 3 The new script, by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, is empty of ideas, fun and purpose. By Jeff Gerstmann on March 30, 1998 at 12:00AM PST Liam Neeson has seemingly lost nothing in his physical arsenal as he elbows bad guys, punches them, races after them in his car, etc. Even Liam Neeson seems bored by the imbecilic, repetitive "Taken 3," an action movie no one was clamoring for and no one will enjoy. Tekken 3 Review Tekken 3 is the best PlayStation game to come along in a long time. Taken 3 - movie review: This action film starring Liam Neeson is laughable. ‘Taken 3’ scores over its predecessor on almost every level: the stakes are higher, the LA locations are nicely photographed and, best of all, there’s an actual plot, with twists and everything. Taken 3 is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense sequences of violence and action, and for brief strong language.. Violence: A character is kidnapped at gunpoint and forced into the trunk of his car with a dead dog.He is later shot. Review by Mark Dujsik | January 9, 2015. MOVIE REVIEW. Taken 3 is the final installment in the franchise that revived Liam Neeson's career. January 8, 2015. Taken 3 review: Liam Neeson debonair but lukewarm action and warm bagels leave you cold The third instalment of Liam Neeson's mature-age action franchise, Taken 3, is a bit hard to take. SHARE TWEET. All this aging dad and ex-husband wants to do is hole up in his humble L.A. apartment, make gourmet meals for himself and brainstorm adorable ways to tell his college-age daughter, Kim, how much he loves her. Parents need to know that Taken 3 is star Liam Neeson's "threequel" to the successful Taken and Taken 2.The violence is mainly bloodless, but there's a lot of it, including tons of shooting, fighting, guns, chasing, smashing cars, and explosions, plus some torture and war flashbacks. Taken 3 – or Tak3n, if you prefer – is a rote, derivative affair. Posted on January 11, 2015 January 11, 2015 by Brian Maya. by All Things Movies - Crow. Taken 3 liam neeson Movie Reviews taken 3. Pity poor Bryan Mills. TAKEN 3 Review by Matt Goldberg January 9, 2015. Taken 3, review: 'a tragedy' The third instalment of this Liam Neeson-led franchise is a far cry from the original, says Robbie Collin. Review – Taken 3 April 7, 2017 July 23, 2019 Jonathon Wilson 0 Comments 2014 , Action , Taken 3 There’s a sequence early in Taken 3 which I presume is supposed to be a tense on-foot chase; across streets, through alleyways, over fences, Liam Neeson lumbers around like a big Irish manatee with the LAPD hot on his heels. After leaving a trail of dead bodies in both Turkey and Istanbul, you would think we’d had enough with the “taken” formula. Taken 3 takes the franchise past the point of absurdity - purely for the sake of selling a third series installment.In Taken 3 former government operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is forced to once again puts his “particular set of skills” to use – after his ex-wife, Lenore (Famke Janssen), is murdered in his home by mysterious assailants. The Blu-ray: Vital Disc Stats. As a film major there are things you pick up on because you know more about the process of filmmaking than the average moviegoer. Sadly, Megaton's Taken 3 takes the franchise past the point of absurdity - purely for the sake of selling a third series installment. Taken 3 Review Posted on January 30, 2015 by markotop93 The third go-round for Liam Neeson’s not-quite-so-retired covert ops agent Bryan Mills is being sold as the final installment, and even the series’ most die-hard devotees may not be too sad if Taken 3 is, indeed, the end of the line. . 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment brings 'Taken 3' to Blu-ray on a Region locked, BD50 disc. But Taken 3, people, goes past cashing into cynical exploitation. Olivier Megaton’s second and final contribution to the Taken franchise offers reinvention through self-destruction, but does little with it once risen from the ashes.. Movie Review Movie Taken 3 2015, Story, Trailers | Times of India Movie Taken 3 Movie Review.