Ask five different people what the greatest movie of all time is, and they'll all have different answers. 2,789 50 100 Movies Everyone Should See at Least Once ... 80 Don't Call Yourself a Film Buff Until You've Watched These 100 Movies. Here are the 50 best movies of all time, according to Metacritic reviews: ... IMDB Critic score: 96/100. The Matrix. IMDb's top 250 movies of all time updated as of January 1, 2019. 1,487 100 The 500 Greatest Movies of All Time, According to Statistics. The 1994 prison drama, based on Stephen King’s novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, ranks highest on IMDb’s list of top-rated movies of all time with a score of 9.2 out of 10. From the IMDb ratings as of January 21st, 2020. Top 50 Greatest Biopics of All Time (The Ultimate List) by ChrisWalczyk55 | Public A biopic, or a biographical movie, is a film that deals with the story of a well known person or group of people in history. ... 50 Highest-Grossing R-Rated Movies. Qualifiers include movies that feature a police officer, private eye, or modern-day lawman as one of the leads. Comedies given their due, because lord knows Frank Drebin is a bad ass mother. The Godfather (1972) 2. ... Best Netflix comedy movies, series and stand-up to watch on a Saturday night. 18,343 100 Load More Movie … The top 50 films of all time according to IMDB. To create this list, Stacker compiled data on the highest-rated WWII films from Metacritic and IMDb. Kung-fu, machine guns, tasty one-liners: there isn’t a shortage of action movie tropes to be found in this Wachowski Siblings film that turned the heads of both critics and viewers at the turn of the century. The greatest film ever made began with the meeting of two brilliant minds: Stanley Kubrick and sci-fi seer Arthur C. Clarke. Here's the top 25, with IMDB links for each film: 1. ... 50 Highest-Grossing R-Rated Movies. Undeniably one of the best sci-fi movies out there, The Matrix also totally holds it’s own as one of the best action movies of all time. 2,279 100 100 Movies Everyone Should See at Least Once. 2. User score: 9.3/10. One man's ranking of the Top 50 Cop Movies of All Time. So Stacker has made it a little easier for you by rounding up the 50 best WWII movies of all time. IMDb Top 250 Movies of All Time (2020 Update) show list info. 1,264 50 Top 100 Essential Movies Every Serious Film Fan Should See. Top 100 Highest Grossing Movies of all time | Top 100 Most Popular Movies 3 days ago Top 50 Highest Grossing Movies of 2020 at the US Box Office