Aladdin – The flying carpet scene. Maya may not have been the lead on her series, but people loved Shawn Hunter when he was playing a secondary role on Boys Meets World. Here are some of the best Disney romance movies. Explore Disney Movies to find new, classic and upcoming films, Blu-rays, DVDs, downloads, and much more, including favorites, news and watch online. The live-action Beauty and the Beast debuted in 2017 and starred Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as Belle and the Beast. This is the definitive Disney Channel couple, and there is simply no one close to being in contention. Disney Channel has been holding it down on the small screen for decades now, and it has brought the world some of the most entertaining shows of all time. With its dreamy "As you wish" line, The Princess Bride is one of the most gushed about films of its time. As the lead character on Girl Meets World, Riley was the character that people could not wait to see grow up on the small screen. Stream movies from Disney, Fox, Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros. Connect your digital accounts and import your movies from Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Xfinity, Google Play/YouTube, Microsoft Movies & … Disney Channel Original Movies weren't always a thing! Disney Channel Original Movies or DCOM (formerly a "Zoog Disney Channel Movie") is any movie that is produced under the Disney Channel canon. It also makes me want to eat spaghetti…a lot. RELATED: The Best Romantic Movies On Netflix, Ranked By IMDb. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Today, we want to shine a light on the romances that blossomed on some of the most popular shows in the history of Disney Channel! Now that she is basically running things in the movie business, it is amazing to see the beautiful and talented Zendaya during a time when she was still finding her footing. However, once they did became a couple in season two, there were enough people cheering to warrant this being on our list today. Now, Wendy must train to defeat an ancient evil spirit that is trying to destroy the world, all while running for Homecoming Queen. Disney+ has everything. 10 Interesting Facts About Josh Radnor From How I Met Your Mother, Dating For 3 Months? This was a couple that had its fair share of fans, and we have to wonder if the performers still stay in touch. Considering that there was little in the way of feelings between these two characters in the first season of the series, most people did not see this one coming. The 49th film in the Walt... more on Wikipedia 7 89 We rank Belle and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, Princess Ariel and Prince Eric and more. When a live show is not an option, this film version is an excellent substitute. And Im not talking about the awesome movies we all watched as kids, though I could have a VERY long tirade about that particular brand of romance, too. 10 Top Models From The '80s: What Do They Look Like Now? The Christmas chick flick market is pretty saturated at this point, but 12 Dates of Christmas is quite a treasure. The fact that we are featuring this couple on this list just goes to show you how great Girl Meets World was while it was on the air. Admit it, this scene gets you all gushy inside. Who didn't love Lolliver? This is it! You'd be surprised by how steamy some of the romances are, but some are appropriate for the whole family. Everyone knows the story: school trip, Rome, fake pop star, love, lies, love again. Can YOU feel the love tonight? I Didn't Do It had a lot of potential, and this couple was one that the show was better off for having. Everyone knows the story: school trip, Rome, fake pop star, love, lies, love again. You may not think Disney's new streaming service would be the ideal spot to find romantic comedies, but you'd be wrong. Aubrey Page ranks 100 Disney Channel Original Movies, from Zenon and Motorcrossed to Descendants and The Suite Life Movie, and everything in between. Farkle was an odd one, but his romance with Isadora was downright adorable. Allison McClain Merrill is an independent scholar and writer. She is the iconic Dolly, a matchmaker who winds up finding love, herself. Many television films have been produced for the United States cable network, Disney Channel, since the service's inception in 1983.In its early years, such movies were referred to as Disney Channel Premiere Films.From late 1997 onward, these television films have been branded under the Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM) banner.. It's unfortunate that it isn't still around, but that is another entry for another day. Chances are, you spent a portion of your childhood watching this movie multiple times. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer provide the main love story in their roles as Maria and Captain Von Trapp, respectively, but teenage viewers also see the complicated web of Liesl and Rolfe's romance. There is plenty of action in this movie, but the beautiful love story of the Princess Bride and Westley is what stands out to the sentimental viewers of the past and the present. Winnie falls in love with a member of this family, Jesse Tuck. Looking for the best Disney Channel original movies? In "Upside-Down Magic, a Disney Channel Original Movie, 13-year-old Nory Boxwood Horace discovers she can flux into animals, and her best friend Reina Carvajal can manipulate flames. Sources:, Disney Channel is no stranger to bringing romance to their most popular shows, and when this couple debuted, fans were quick to accept them. These couples are the ones that set the bar for all the other ones that will follow. Action, adventure, comedy, drama, and even a little romance. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. “This list is about the most romantic & strong couples of the Disney Channel movies. Tuck Everlasting is a 1975 book by Natalie Babbitt, now regarded as a great work of children's literature. It must be for original Disney channel films so no proud family, tangled, or Wizards of Waverly place. 10 Supermodels Who Were Discovered On Instagram, Everything The Cast Of New Girl Is Up To Today. Kate starts pining after her old boyfriend, Jack, and she doesn't see the wonderful man right in front of her when she gets a chance to date Miles. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. Brenda Song is basically London Tipton in this movie about a high school girl who just wants to go shopping and hang out with her friends, but when she finds out she's the reincarnation of an all-powerful female warrior, her whole life changes. Which Adele Song Are You, Based On Your Zodiac. The first film depiction of the story came out in 1981, but the 2002 film with Alexis Bledel and Jonathan Jackson is better remembered these days. Which Jennifer Lopez Song Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac? Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. 10 Best Tattoo Artists For Newschool Tattoos. Kim and Ron had been friends for some time before allowing their feelings to come to light, and when it finally happened, fans lost it. The best Disney Channel Original Movies on Disney+ are a good place to start! Barbara Streisand brought Broadway musical Hello, Dolly! She was not on television for as long as her dad was back in the 90s, but she went through a lot, even hopping in a memorable relationship with Lucas. Whether you've seen them a hundred times or are can't even remember what happens, you can enjoy these great romantic films on Disney+ today. Image Source: Den of Geek Beauty and the Beast. There are certainly some romantic bits to The Princess Diaries, but the second movie is entirely based on the necessity of romance, or marriage, at least. Lady and the Tramp – The spaghetti kissing scene. The original series went to the big screen in 2003. NEXT: 5 Similarities Between High School Musical & Pitch Perfect (& 5 Ways They're Totally Similar). Right?! It might surprise some subscribers to see Miley Cyrus on Disney+ as Ronnie in The Last Song, but no one is complaining. There's a reason why Wendy Wu is the fifth highest viewed DCOM of all time. Joe Jonas has been doing well for himself since growing up and moving on, but we wanted to take a look back at his character and the relationship that he had with Vanessa back in the day. 19 Sonny And Chad (Sonny With A Chance) Looking back on it now, Disney Channel had a wealth of talent to work with, and many of these people have gone on to do some amazing things. RELATED: 10 Disney Movies Turning 10 In 2020. Hannah wasn't the only person finding love on Hannah Montana! With enough time, it's possible to enjoy something from every genre on the streaming platform. For more than two decades, Disney has been creating made-for-TV movies for its viewers under the Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM) umbrella.Today, there are more than 100 DCOMs — with even more slated to come out later this year. Bledel plays Winnie Foster, a 12-year-old girl who discovers that a nearby family drinks from a magical spring that prevents aging. The Princess and the Frog is a 2009 American animated musical romantic fantasy-comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Alex and Mason made a lot of people happy during their time together on this popular series, and shippers loved to refer to them as Malex. The Parent Trap of 1961 and the remake of 1998 are both romantic family comedies, but the film of yesteryear is arguably more romantic. 10 Reasons Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century Was The Best Disney Channel Movie The Ranking of the Best Disney Princess Films The Definitive Ranking of Ever Disney Channel Original Movie Disney Channel is no stranger to bringing romance to their most popular shows, and when this couple debuted, fans were quick to accept them. Disney movies put the “magical” in romance. Sure, this series may never become as iconic as Lizzie McGuire or Even Stevens, but it was still able to find some fans and give the world something to enjoy. Believe it or not, there were three TV sequels to this film back in the 1980s, all on the Disney Channel. Mia must find herself a husband if she wants to succeed her grandmother as Queen of Genovia. Bella Thorne made her name on the series, and her character, Cece, made magic on the small screen with the lovable Logan. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Everything Disney with Ashley Nichole | Oh My Disney 1:18. by Brett S. Vergara. Demi Lovato was perfect for the lead on this series, and the couple of Sonny and Chad was one that made fans of the series happy. Which Disney Movie Has The Most Romantic Love Story? We're finally counting down the top 10 BEST DCOMs ever made! The music will brighten your day in no time. The network knows exactly who they want watching their shows, and they have done an exceptional job in crafting solid programs that have been able to stand the test of time. Here, 8 of the most romantic Disney moments of all time: 1. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This series had a lot to like about it, and Disney was willing to ship a couple that people were clamoring for. Top 60 Disney Channel Movies by nysfboy328 | created - 09 Nov 2013 | updated - 09 Nov 2013 | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc That kiss with Gordo at the end is pretty epic, though, so it might be time to check it out once more. Susan and Sharon cleverly push together their mom and dad (played by Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith), and they leave the rest to love! 3. They have been made at a rate of at once a year since 1999.The first Disney Channel Original Movie was the movie Tiger Town.. Many of these classic shows will be on Disney's upcoming streaming service, and a new generation of fans will get to see what all the fuss was about back in the day. Teachers, mentors, and even Bible study leaders pull the movie into their teaching. Over 60 million people are subscribed to Disney Plus, and that number's only going to increase as the streamer adds dozens of exciting new shows and movies… When she's not writing about film and television, Allison is making music, teaching exercise classes, or spending time with friends and family. Im watching Halloween Town High with my boyfriend and his nephews right now and its (not for … Here are 12 movies that you think are Disney Channel Originals but actually aren't. 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Maya would find a romance with the handsome Lucas, and seeing her grow up and have a boyfriend was met with a lot of applause from fans. Their chemistry on camera is insane, and their story is not the only one of importance: Ronnie learns to accept and love her dad again before it is too late. Watch movies online with Movies Anywhere. This popular couple was able to blossom a romance on screen, and fans quickly fell in love with what they brought to the table as a couple. The Nicholas Sparks novel was all the rage at the time when the movie was coming out. 5 Hobbies Cancer Would Love (5 They Would Hate), 20 Disney Channel Romances We Couldn’t Get Enough Of, 5 Of The Best Wedding Planning Ideas (& 5 Ideas That Are Too OTT), Barbie Ferreira’s 10 Best Instagram Outfits, 10 Tips That Will Change Your Eye Makeup Game Forever, 10 Facts You Never Knew About The History Of Ice Cream, The Highest-Paid Celebs In 2020 According To Forbes, Have You Met Ted? Have you ever been on a date that takes place on a magical carpet, riding through the stars, and stopping off … She studies nostalgic programming through the decades but is equally fascinated by what is happening in television today. These two seemed destined to be together, and watching their love blossom on the small screen was great for fans. Jesse and Nova are like oil and vinegar, but opposites prove to attract in the end, just in time for prom. The movie is an important depiction of world history and the evils of Nazism, but it is also a musical, and with that (in this case) comes love. With so many viewers, many of its movies have led to spin offs and major film franchises. More of the storyline is focused on the relationship between the parents. These two had been instrumental in saving the day so many times, and they deserved to find happiness with one another as the show went on. This couple was greeted with a lot of love from fans of the series, and it remains a classic tale of love for the network. Here Are 10 Things That Need To Have Happened, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Jane Fonda, 10 Traits You Might Recognize If You Have A Capricorn Moon Sign. Check out the top 63 Disney Channel movies, including High School Musical, Cheetah Girls, and MANY more! These two wound up being a lovable pair during their time together on the series, and while this show may not be a classic like some others, this relationship helped make it memorable. Shake It Up was a series that did all the little things right on the small screen, and it helped several performers amass tons of fans in no time. 5 The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003) The Lizzie McGuire Movie was about as romantic as a Disney Channel property could get at the time. These two were fantastic together on the small screen, and people loved watching them each week on their very own show. Disney fairytale romances are the best parts of the movies. Due to Disney Channel's super young audience, it's very rare that their original movies even have kisses in them. These live-action feature films represent some of the most loved of the last sixty years. After coming on the air and becoming a huge hit for Disney Channel, this series wound up being a launching point for some huge names in the entertainment business, Selena Gomez in particular. Every Disney Thing That Happened in 1998 | Oh My Disney 2:32. This popular couple was able to blossom a romance on screen, and fans quickly fell in love with what they brought to the table as a couple. The film is actually adorable, with impressive performances from Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonnell, and a host of other fresh young talents from the time (including Nicholas Braun). Oh My Disney Contributor. The original series went to the big screen in 2003. Last week, we asked you what you thought was the most romantic ’90s Disney movie moment of all time, and you answered! Through this film, Miley and Liam built their on-again, off-again romance in real life. 2. Who could forget 2011, when Disney offered a PG prom movie? You'll be shocked. The live-action movie heavily follows the animated version but with a … Hannah didn't have a boyfriend the entire time the show was on, but once she finally locked one down, people were more than happy to appreciate him. This couple wound up being lovable as the show went on, and as the series grew in popularity, their shipping from fans grew louder. The late 90s brought Disney Channel original movies like the Princess Protection Program, High School Musical and Descendants. There are certainly some fantastical and odd elements to this film, but the romance is unforgettable. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. While the show was about preparing a young girl for the world, this couple certainly made their presence felt. The music from this movie alone could make you cry. Lizzie and Gordo were best friends before making things official, and the fans that had been around since the beginning could not have been happier to see them finally realizing their love. Disney Channel had live-action movies as far back as the 1980s, but Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM for short) as a name and brand didn’t start till … BuzzFeed Staff. The early 2010s were apparently a hot time for teen romance movies. After being on for just two seasons, some fans out there may have forgotten about this show and placed this couple on the back burner, but we wanted to show them some love here. These couples are the ones that set the bar for all future Disney Channel couples to come. This series came along at just the right time for Disney Channel, and it was a sizable hit while it was still on the air. To say that Hannah Montana was a massive hit would be a gross understatement, as it helped launch Miley Cyrus into the stratosphere. Which Disney romance … Get streaming today! Computer Systems, Harry Potter: 10 Memes That Would Definitely Confuse Muggles, 10 Most Anticipated Comic Book and Graphic Novel Adaptations (& Their Release Dates), Indiana Jones: 10 Features Fans Want In The Upcoming Video Game, MCU Villains, Ranked Least-Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games, Prince Of Persia: 5 Reasons Fans Want A Sequel (& 5 They Don’t), David Lynch And 9 Other Celebrated Filmmakers Who Have Moved To Netflix. There are tons of remakes of 1960s classic films, but sometimes, it's great to get to know the original. The Sound of Music never leaves the center of pop culture for too long. Tucked in with the classic animated films and Marvel movies… Educated in the fields of music, English, and religion, Allison loves to connect the dots that create the art we watch. The series actively built to them getting together, making their coupling all the more impactful. The 5 Most Romantic ’90s Disney Movie Moment of All Time, According to You. 1:32. Mariana Uribe. to the big screen in 1969. It’s Valentine’s Day! Disney Video Collections 90's Disney Channel Original Movies . It was a huge moment when they finally took the next step with one another. RELATED: Gilmore Girls: 10 Details From Stars Hollow You Never Noticed. Her path takes an unexpected twist that starts out as a trick and finishes with true love (with Chris Pine). Probably one of the BEST scenes when it comes to falling in love in any Disney movie. Rekindle memories of movies from your childhood and sing your lungs out with your favourite Disney Original movie on Disney+. This couple materialized on her television series, and while they have taken some flack, we simply had to include them. Thankfully, she gets stuck reliving her Christmas Eve for twelve dates in a row, and the ending is so worth it. Good Luck Charlie has to be one of the most endearing shows to make it onto the Disney Channel, and it wound up doing well for itself as soon as it made its debut. Walt Disney Pictures Time to decide. From The Princess Bride to the Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement, there's a romantic flick for everyone on Disney+. They did not get together during the beginning of the series, but things were able to unfold in the most perfect way possible later on. Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar are adorable as Kate and Miles. The Lizzie McGuire Movie was about as romantic as a Disney Channel property could get at the time.

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