Slice in half like in the picture. Lightly massage 1Tbsp soy sauce on each marlin piece, both sides. Don't overcook. Add the lemon zest and juice, lime zest and juice, onion, mayonnaise, olive oil, dill, garlic, mustard, hot sauce, salt and pepper and mix everything together by hand. Heat smoker to 200 degrees. Grilled Hawaiian Nairagi. cilantro, fresh, chopped 6 6-oz Marlin or Ahi steaks Mango Pineapple Salsa: Can be completed ahead of time. 2) Mix poke sauce ingredients in a blender or by hand until emulsified. This is one of the fishes that I love! This blog is for fun only. Box 3110, Honolulu, HI 96802. Cut a'u fillet into strips then into 3/4 inch poke. Heat skillet and melt butter. Bringing Aloha to the Internet Since 1998. Transfer the fish to a large mixing bowl. Send recipes and queries to Wanda A. Adams, Food Editor, Honolulu Advertiser, P.O. With all of today's fancy technology, we simplify the bartender's guide. Just call them like I eat them. Next roll in bread crumbs. E Komo Mai! Expensive but it only takes a bit in a dish so worth it. 1) Combine ginger, soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil and chili oil in a small bowl. It grills very nicely. AlohaWorld is the Internet home especially designed for Hawaiians living on the mainland Hawaiians-at- heart worldwide. For more information about our 150th anniversary cookbook, call 535-8189 (message phone; your call will be returned). Hawaii Blue Marlin is a good source of iodine and magnesium. Refrigerate until ready to use. Bought some kaKiki and was trolling the web for recipes. In pan or large ziploc, combine olive oil, juice of 1/2 lime, soy sauce, and green onion. Marlin is very firm fleshed so you can use your favourite tuna or swordfish recipe. Made a quick sauce of shallots, garlic, white wine, capers, creme and butter. Few drops of Knorr seasoning on each side. Hawaii Blue Marlin is an excellent source of healthy, extra lean protein. Placing the Kajiki in the oven helps keep it moist as if you overcook the fish on an indoor or outdoor grill it will get tough. Every Local from Hawaii has made smoked marlin at some point. 6 6-oz Marlin steaks, loin, (or fresh sword, tuna, halibut, shark) Lightly brush or spray Marlin steaks with a little oil. Mix well. Grilled Blue Marlin with Lemon-Butter Sauce Recipe by Shalina. To serve, spoon the tomato mixture over the fish. Cook 1/2 the fish then add the rest of the capers and cook the other half. It is usually flavored with citrus or strong spices. DIRECTIONS. This and many other authentic Hawaiian recipes you can find in EHo'olako Mau by Tamar Luke Pane'e. It is also low in saturated fat and low in sodium. Marlin recipes This is the big catch for big-game sport fishermen and catching it is a huge challenge! Capers: Sort of like little olives. Click on "Older Posts" at the bottom of each page to continue your adventure. Place the Marlin steaks on a clean hot char-broiler, Grill steaks to desired doneness. I am not a food critic. Be careful to not overcook as Marlin is easy to turn into leather if you do! Then dust in flour and roll in egg. Homegrown Hawaii: Local I'a; Butter Broiled A'u with Lime, Tomatoes, Garlic and Basil; Japanese Ama Ebi and Fried Shrimp Heads; Cured Striped Marlin with Citrus Vinaigrette, Beet Ceviche, & Goat Cheese Please join to follow this blog and leave comments about the places you read about. Enjoy! We mashed cauliflower with a touch of garlic and Greek yogurt for the side dish. Squeeze lemon juice in and add about 1/2 the capers. 0.5 g It can also be smoked or eaten raw in sashimi form. Arrange the marlin in a baking pan that will contain them. Wow this was a flavor bomb worthy of any restaurant in Honolulu. Then popped it in a 375 degree oven for 3-4 minutes to finish. Preheat a smoker to 260 degrees F. Remove pork from marinade and thread on skewers. Make eight 3-ounce patties and pan sear in a nonstick pan over medium heat. 17. Thanks for the great idea! It is rich in niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium. Pour the butter and garlic from the small pot over the marlin steaks. Lightly season fish with garlic salt and pepper. Honest reviews of Hawaii restaurants and travel experiences from the Santos family in Honolulu, Hawaii. With hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, smoked marlin and other spices mixed together and stuffed into 12 crystal chiles, this recipe is sure to provide just the right amount of kick to your dinner. The kajiki was incredible. While not exactly like the Roy’s Smoked Marlin and Ahi from the Big Island, you might be interested in the Kaimana Fish Jerky products, including Marlin Jerky in various flavors, which are distributed at stores all around Hawaii, including the big boxes, and they also sell online. Fax: 525-8055. Black Marlin Recipes. Nowhere near restaurant prices as the Kajiki was $6.99 per pound which means dinner for three was under $15!. Also top with a little of the butter and garlic sauce that the fish was cooked in. Instagram @greateatshawaii. 1 1/2 lb Hawaiian Nairagi fillet (striped marlin) 1/2 cup soy sauce; 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice; 1 teaspoon grated lime rind; 1/4 cup brown sugar; 2 tablespoons dark rum; 1 Hawaiian red pepper, seeded and minced; Fresh Pineapple Salsa: 1/2 fresh pineapple, chopped Poke (pronounced POH-kay), is a Hawaiian raw-fish salad made with marlin and ahi (yellowfin) or aku (skipjack) tuna I make my own version of poke now, here where I live in Oregon, when the weather is good and hot I drive over to my local fish market, and pick up some fresh kajiki marlin… fresh hawaii kajiki (pacific blue marlin) with shallot, butter and caper sauce FINISH THE KAJIKI IN THE OVEN AND DON'T OVERCOOK AND IT WILL BE MOIST AND DELICIOUS MARLIN WITH PAPAYA SALSA AND WHITE WINE, SHALLOT AND GARLIC SAUCE Add an additional 1-2 cups of brine mixture to the bag and set this aside for your smoked marlin meal. JONATHAN WAXMAN, ADAM RICHMAN, ALAN WONG, MING TSAI,,, KIRKLAND ITALIAN SAUSAGE AND BEEF LASAGNA, BEEF AND SAUSAGE SPAGHETTI WITH CHOPPED ANTIPASTI SALAD, TAGLIATELLE WITH ROASTED TOMATO AND ONION, KAPIOLANI COMMUNITY COLLEGE FARMERS MARKET, HAWAII VS SAN DIEGO STATE - QUALCOMM STADIUM, RADIO CITY ROCKETTS CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR, CHICKEN SOUP WITH HAM AND CHEESE SANDWICH, CHICKEN WITH MUSTAR AND TARRAGON CREAM SAUCE, GRILLED MARLIN WITH CILANTRO, PARSLEY AND GARLIC, GRILLED ONO WITH PAPAYA AND AVOCADO SALSA,, LOBSTER AND SHRIMP RAVIOLI WITH ALFREDO SAUCE, MAHI MAHI WITH CAPERS, TOMATO BEURRE BLANC, PANCIT WITH CHICKEN, SHRIMP AND VEGETABLES, PAPPARDELLE WITH MUSHROOMS AND SAGE BUTTER, PAPPARDELLE WITH MUSHROOMS, SAGE AND BUTTER, SHREDDED CHICKEN AND GREEN CHILI ENCHILADAS, ALOHA STADIUM EXPERIENCE - HAWAII FOOTBALL, ALOHA STADIUM SKY SUITES - WARRIOR FOOTBALL, FUJITSU TELEVISION COMMERCIAL - "THE GAME", HAWAII FOOTBALL VS WASHINGTON - HUSKY STADIUM, HAWAII VS BOISE STATE - BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY, HAWAII VS BOISE STATE GAME DAY - BOISE, IDAHO, HAWAII VS COLORADO TAILGATE PARTY - ALOHA STADIUM, HAWAII VS FLORIDA - UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, HAWAII VS IDAHO TAILGATE PARTY - ALOHA STADIUM, HAWAII VS NAVY TAILGATE PARTY - ALOHA STADIUM, HAWAII VS SAN DIEGO STATE TAILGATE PARTY - SAN DIEGO, HAWAII VS UNLV TAILGATE PARTY - ALOHA STADIUM, HAWAII VS USC TAILGATE PARTY - ALOHA STADIUM, HAWAII VS WASHINGTON - THE RAM RESTAURANT,, RAINBOW WARRIOR BASKETBALL - STAN SHERIFF CENTER, STAN SHERIFF CENTER - ED WONG HOSPITALITY SUITE, UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII ATHLETICS GOLF TOURNAMENT, UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII WOMANS SAND VOLLEYBALL, PINKY'S PUPU BAR AND GRILL (WORST FISH TACO), THE RESTAURANT AT MEADOWOOD (WORST EXPENSIVE), TRUMP INTERNATIONAL GOLF LINKS - SCOTLAND, COSTCO PRE-COOKED LOBSTER - DINNER AT HOME, CARNITAS TACOS - COOKED ON WEBER GAS GRILL. Combine shoyu, pepper, sesame seeds, sesame oil, green and round onions; add poke a'u. If you don't have any, you might try green olives for a similar effect but use more and chop fine. DIRECTIONS. It is also low in saturated fat and low in sodium. Cook 1/2 the fish then add the rest of the capers and cook the other half. Mix well and add opah belly. Dip each steak into the brine, and place into a 1 gallon zipper lock style bag. The perfect compliment to this sturdy mellow fish and tangy cream sauce. Place the fish in a resealable plastic bag; pour in the marinade; seal bag and let rest in fridge for up to an hour. While all recipes may be different, they all come out tasting Ono! This is coming from the side of the fish, so the skin is attached. It is rich in niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and selenium. Marlin Recipes Grilled Marlin with Mango Pineapple Salsa Ingredients: Canola oil as needed 1/4 cup onion 1/2-1 each jalapeño, small, seeded, minced 1 each mango, peeled, seeded, diced 1/4 cup roasted red pepper, diced 1/4 cup tequila 1 each lime juice, fresh squeezed 1 Tbs. Enjoyed an incredible dinner of fresh Hawaiian Kajiki (Pacific Blue Marlin) with Mashed Potatoes and fresh carrots and broccoli. Saved by Mona Shaker Capuano. Blue Marlin Recipe This recipe version is made with these ingredients: Seagram's® gin, Blue Curacao liqueur, peach schnapps, lemon juice, pineapple juice. Directions. Check out our Marlin recipes here. Bake the marlin for 7 minutes, then flip the fish over and bake another 7 minutes. Place skewers in smoker and cook until an instant-read thermometer inserted in the center of the meat registers 145 degrees F, 5 to 6 hours. You can order the cookbook online. Cooked the Kajiki on an indoor grill pan to sear the outside and get some grill marks. Black Marlin meat is high in fat content and low in moisture. E-mail: Hawaii Striped Marlin is an excellent source of healthy, extra lean protein. “Goatfish is the first recipe I ever prepared in Hawaii,” says Mavro, the proprietor and culinary force behind Honolulu’s Chef Mavro French restaurant, ... Nairagi (striped marlin) Hawaii Striped Marlin also provides about 825 mg of omega-3’s (DHA and EPA) per 4 ounce serving of fresh fish. Rub fish with garlic and leave garlic on fish. Nov 3, 2015 - For the best recipes and information about Marlin - check out: Gently remove any bones if … Wow! Serve chilled. Like meat from its Striped and Pacific Blue cousins, it is usually served as a steak and cooked either in a pan or on a grill. Lightly season fish with garlic salt and pepper. Tried this and it was amazing! Lastly, we cut a nice chunk, about 4-5 pounds.

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